Jai Jagat 2020

Jai Jagat 2020

Jai Jagat 2020

To promote peace in the world, several initiatives have been taken. If we consider the words of peace from popular spiritual leaders and peace activists in the world, it is hopeful that peace be attained. Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, reiterates the possibility of establishing peace in the world through nonviolence, like his predecessor peace activists. The basic groundwork of world peace, however, is that each individual contributes to the march for peace.

To induce mind tranquility in people, he published a non-fiction novel in Spanish, which is translated into "When the Desert Blooms". The book has raised much public awareness of the value of inner strength and mind tranquility. Likewise, the Jai Jagat is a wake-up call for humanity. It is intended to call the attention of humanity to tackle the issue of global crises as one people. This article has more on Jai Jagat 2020.

Objectives of the Jai Jagat 2020

Jai Jagat is an urgent call which is addressed to everybody in this planet. Its main goals are to find effective solutions to cope with the current global crises. Several countries in the world are characterized by deep poverty and hunger. Several factors have contributed to acute poverty in the world. Among the most significant causes are climate change and conflicts. Due to drastic weather conditions, the agriculture is failing, yielding poor harvests to farmers.

As a result, more and more children die from starvation. Severe environmental crisis is interlocked with economic hardship and social crisis. Conflicts among nations and civil wars are mostly due to fight over ownership of resources for the country's economic development and for the survival of its population. As a result, an urgent call for actions is made through the Jai Jagat in order to get people to respond and tackle the deepening crises in the planet together.

The Jai Jagat 2020 Global Peace March

To reach the objectives, Jai Jagat 2020 focuses on imparting young citizens with the essence of Peace and Nonviolence. In 2020, march for peace, which is known as the Global Peace March, is held in India for 100 days to call for global peace. Participants will cover many miles every day during three-and-a -half months. The march began in January, under the support of the Indian MP government.

The march is especially oriented toward waste management, urban planning, and the aforementioned objectives. The Jai Jagat March is also an opportunity to promote peace tourism. The participants pass many districts in India and are welcomed by thousands of people. People in the villages offer them food and shelter. Other representatives are Jai-Jagating in Geneva and talk to the UN Secretary General to campaign for sustainable peace and well-being as one people.

What courses of action are to be taken?

To put an end to the predicament in the world, the march is to make a call to achieve the following goals:

  • Tackling global warming
  • Ending inter-nation conflicts and wars
  • Put an end with social exclusion
  • Promoting nonviolence
  • To crack down on poverty

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is a promoter of nonviolence, supporting the possibility to achieve peace through peaceful way as in the Jai Jagat March. -

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