2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace

2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace

2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace

In today's modern world, it has become common to hear cases of violence every day in the news. In addition, conflicts and wars usually occur somewhere in the world. On the other hand, in order to promote global peace, efforts have been made by many organizations, celebrities, and politicians.

Additionally, humanitarian associations, like The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), get involved in peacekeeping efforts to contribute to the survival of the most deprived and disadvantaged people. In fact, it is obvious that every occasion has turned into an opportunity to promote peace, and mother's day is one of those important occasions.

In this article, we will explore what the 2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace is about.

General information about the 2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace

This year's Mother's Day walk for peace is going to take place on Sunday, May 10. The march is a tradition, and it is organized by humanitarian and peace organizations. Participants from across the state and region depart from a specific venue quite early in the morning. In Boston, for example, departure is at 8.00 a.m.

The walk for peace on mother's day is organized for a fundraising purpose. The collected funds are to be used to sponsor the fight against homicide in the community and in each region.

The objectives of the 2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace

The march for peace is held on Mother's Day in order to show to neighboring states and regions that each individual is responsible for creating harmony within their community. Families and community members join their efforts in the march for peace. The purpose of the march may vary from a year to another. In previous years, women and children demonstrate their protest against domestic violence and all kinds of abuses to women.

This year, participants march for peace in order to demand dignity, especially because many families are subjected to discrimination and prejudice, and this is probably they are subjected to killings. Thus, people walk for their rights for protection against murder and violence. In brief, the main theme for the 2020 Mother's Day Walk for Peace is to protest against homicide and to express love and compassion for those who have lost their relatives due to a murder.

How to participate in the walk?

To join the peaceful Mother's Day protest for peace, it is necessary to register. Early registration fee for the walk is $20 and it is awarded with a T-shirt. Participants are equally encouraged to donate $100 for the Walk. Partakers are stimulated to start a team and raise funds together. Each team is encouraged to raise funds of up to $1,000. Besides, businesses and organizations are invited to sponsor the event in order to collect more funds for the fight against murder in the community.

In brief, going on a march is an opportunity to enhance peace in the community and in a country; therefore, actions need to be taken to promote such event. To support such struggles for peace, you can, for example, change your Facebook cover photo into an image about peace. If everyone gets involved in enhancing nonviolence, the world is at peace, just as Prem Rawat says.

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