Why Walking for Peace ?

Why Walking for Peace ?

To defend the cause of peace, some people like Prem Rawat become spokespersons during world summits and found associations like the Prem Rawat Foundation. Others organize activities open to everyone, including walking. Walking to defend a cause has always been famous and practiced in the world. This source of info should inspire you : https://www.wopg.org/prem-rawat

A walk that has only positive effects

If you still doubt the importance of going to a Peace March, you will change your mind after discovering the good reasons for it:

  • This is an opportunity to participate in a major event this year to mobilize against war and conflicts around the world! The more of us there are to walk, the more the voice of citizens will be heard by the political world. It is indeed the system that must change.
  • Solutions exist and it is important not to wait any longer to put them in place. Do more: stop funding war and armaments.
  • This is the best time to be creative and make your most beautiful banner, banner, sign and thus spread your message for peace to the whole world!
  • To make your thighs! Nothing better than a great walk to keep in shape, meet new people, discuss alternative solutions, create links, and see the city differently!

A pacifist action with real impact

Walk for peace makes it possible to alert and react to the community, in total peace and without having to disrupt everyday life. Organizing march indeed does not require much money for the organizers and above all an increased participation of all. Indeed, anyone of any age can participate in a peace march. In addition, a peace march can be held anywhere in the world at any time of the year. To denounce, for example, the ravages of civil wars, or the arms race, march in strategic areas of peace can be organized.

Walk for a cause: an activity that affects young people

When we talk about the march to defend a cause, one of the most successful marches is the climate march. For example, the third youth climate march in Brussels, which brought together 35,000 participants on Thursday, the majority of whom are young, is echoed in all the international press.

Sometimes adults go on strike. Teachers, railway workers, garbage collectors… they stop working to say that they do not agree with their employer or to ask him for things. But a teenage walk is not common. That's what's happening with the climate march.

The first international youth march, for example, brought together thousands of high school students around the world. Not to go have fun but to say that it was urgent to protect the planet. Since then, other school climate strikes have been held regularly around the world, each Friday. This great movement was started by Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish girl.

Last August, she decided to stop going to school on Friday and to go to the square in front of the Parliament of her country. Her goal: to express anger at politicians she says are not doing enough to defend the environment. Little by little, she was joined by other young people, and many adults came to speak to her. Greta Thunberg now travels from country to country to see the young protesters she inspired.

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